Eisenhower's TV Studio Gets Makeover

Posted by Thomas DeLoughry on 3/4/2019 10:05:00 AM


The ETV morning television show at Eisenhower has been an innovator among middle schools throughout its 17-year history. But the show has taken on a modern look and feel this school year following the redesign and construction of a state-of-the-art studio this past summer.

The school flipped the blueprint on the first-floor space that ETV has long occupied. The old classroom area with rows of desktop computers is now a spacious, modern studio. And the old cramped studio space is now repurposed as a control room full of technology and off-camera students who get the eight-minute program on the air every day during homeroom.

New ETV Studio photo  

Angelo Bonavitacola, an Eisenhower technology teacher who runs ETV with colleague Marc DeBlock, says the upgrade actually began last school year when the program started broadcasting in high definition. Four new HD cameras, a video switcher, and new software made it possible to deliver a sharper image and to stream the program live on YouTube.

But the change in the studio happened this summer after Bonavitacola had traveled to Manhattan with now-retired technology teacher Harold Olejarz, Eisenhower Principal Chris Iasiello, and Assistant Principal Chris Giordano to visit NBC’s studios. Wyckoff parent Mike Chico got the group access to several different studios at NBC and what they saw helped them develop a plan for the ETV studio in collaboration with Blairsets LLC, a set-design company.

The new set incorporates Eisenhower’s blue school color with a desk and tall chairs in front of a background that features photos of the school and of high-tech components. Bonavitacola points out a new green wall that has enabled ETV to add a daily weather segment featuring a student standing in front of a projected map. “We’ve put them in a real-world environment,” he says.

Iasiello credits Eisenhower’s PTO will providing the vast majority of the $35,000 spent on upgrading the technology and the studio. He also lauds Bonavitacola for leading the redesign. “We're lucky to have Mr. Bonavitacola, who has a background in the television industry. Having him as a guide to put this into place has been a luxury.”

“The show has drastically improved,” Iasiello adds. “It looks great, It sounds great. They’re using cutting-edge technology. The best part is kids are excited to enter this amazing new space.”

In addition to streaming on YouTube, ETV can be seen live every morning at 8 on Optimum Channel 77 and Fios Channel 42.


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