Renee Kaspar Joins the Board of Education

Posted by Thomas DeLoughry on 3/4/2019 10:01:00 AM


The start of 2019 has brought a new member to Wyckoff’s Board of Education following the November election of Renee M. Kaspar, a human resources executive who has lived in Wyckoff for four years.


Renee Kaspar photo

Kaspar says she has specialized in hiring technologists and thinking about future workforce needs, so she is especially interested in how Wyckoff’s schools are preparing students in STEM and other areas. “I feel we do it well in Wyckoff, but the world is changing fast and we need to be able to pivot really quickly,” she says.

Kaspar’s daughter, Sophie, is a fifth grader at Lincoln School where Renee has been a member of the science fair committee for the last three years. Mother and daughter also enjoy going together to hackathons and other STEM-related programs. “To see the kids light up, that’s my motivation,” she says.

Diversity is another key issue for Kaspar, who compliments former Superintendent Rich Kuder for the cultural competency initiative he began in the District. Her experience in human resources, she says, has confirmed for her the importance of preparing young people to work with people of all different backgrounds. “I feel like we’re kind of insulated in our town and it creates great risk because, for our kids, 60 percent of the population in the future is non-white,” she says. “Performing at a high level means collaborating with groups and teams and allowing that diversity to flow in various approaches.”

Kaspar’s current post is chief people officer at Octane Lending, which makes loans to buyers of recreational vehicles. Her résumé includes human-resources positions with Thomson Reuters, eBay,, Merck-Millipore EMD, Fidelity Investments, and General Electric Healthcare. Raised in Cresskill, Kaspar has a bachelor’s degree from Boston University and a law degree from Whittier Law School.

Her victory on Election Day in November gave Kaspar the Board seat formerly held by Frederic Farcy. The election also brought a win for incumbent Board member Georgina Nico who earned her second term.


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