2 Sports Teams at Eisenhower Are Champs

Posted by Thomas DeLoughry on 3/4/2019 10:00:00 AM


The trophy case at Eisenhower Middle School has become more crowded this school year after championship victories by the boys’ soccer team in the fall and the boys’ basketball team this winter.

The basketball team earned its hardware with a hard-fought 70-60 win on February 13th over rival Franklin Avenue Middle School of Franklin Lakes.  The Eisenhower gymnasium, which was packed with loud Wyckoff and Franklin Lakes fans, gave the game a championship feel from the opening tip-off.

Boys basketball team photo

Mr. Finale, Brady L., Phil V., A.J. M., Michael S., Max W., Alex J. (with trophy), James M., Cole D., Peyton S., Jack D., Zach S.


The championship capped a 12-1 season for the team, which was led by Coach Doug Finale, an Eisenhower science teacher. He says the team had success because seventh- and eighth-graders played well together despite the fact they had not been on the court together very much in the past.

“Kids had different roles than they’ve had on other teams, but they took those roles and did them well,” Finale says. “We had a very good shooting team this year,” he add. “Kids could shoot the 3-pointer and, defensively, they were a hard-nosed team that played with a lot of effort.”

The soccer team, meanwhile, earned its trophy in November in a championship match that was also against Franklin Avenue Middle School. The victory capped an undefeated 10-0 season for the Generals.


Boys Soccer Team Photo

Antonio S., Andrew F., Evan R., Emilio S., Jayden O., Sean M., Nick M., Tommy S., Gabe T., Cole D., Anthony G., Jacob K., Robbie A., Jake R., Antonio D.,Kevin M., Travis H. Not pictured: Patrick M.

Coach Aldo Cascio, a Spanish teacher at Eisenhower, says the team played well because most had experience together on the Torpedoes soccer team. “They had a lot of familiarity with each other and were very friendly with each other,” Cascio said. “The boys anticipated each other’s actions and movements and, also, a lot of the kids were willing to play out of position to give everybody equal playing time.”

Eisenhower’s girls’ teams also excelled this school year. The soccer team made it all the way to the championship game, which was lost in a penalty-kick shootout after two overtimes failed to decide the match. The girls’ basketball team advanced into the playoffs and posted a winning record for its season.


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