District Bids Farewell to Superintendent Kuder

Posted by Thomas DeLoughry on 12/21/2018 6:10:00 AM

District Bids Farewell to Superintendent Kuder


The end of 2018 marks the close of Dr. Rich Kuder’s time as superintendent of the Wyckoff School District. The Board of Education has appointed an interim superintendent and a search for a full-time replacement is under way.


For the District, this is the first change at the top since Dr. Kuder became Acting Superintendent in March 2010 when former Superintendent Janet Razze left on medical leave. Kuder was then the Interim Superintendent for the 2010-2011 school year before the Board chose him as Superintendent for the start of the 2011-2012 year.


Dr Kuder with framed resolution

Kuder came to Wyckoff in 2001 to begin a close-to-ten-year tenure as the principal of Eisenhower Middle School prior to becoming superintendent. His departure 17 and one-half years later has brought notices of appreciation from teachers, administrators, parents, and the Board itself.


At its December 10th meeting, the Board presented Dr. Kuder with a framed proclamation that lauds him for “exemplary dedication, integrity and visionary leadership” and for “his selfless commitment to the District in order to provide  an exciting and engaging educational opportunity for all children of Wyckoff Township.”


Board President Rob Francin pointed to the District’s emerging reputation as a leader in educational innovations under Dr. Kuder. “We are here because of Rich’s vision,” Francin said. “He created an environment where staff can try new things, challenge themselves, and even make mistakes.”


Dr. Kuder thanked the Board for the “privilege to be here almost 18 years.” He added: “I’m grateful for teachers, administrators, and parents and our Board who’ve supported our work.” He gave special credit to teachers for turning the vision into reality. “We’d be nowhere without you.” he said. “We can have all these great ideas, but it takes you to put them into place.”


For Dr. Kuder, his departure from Wyckoff means a chance for “the opportunity of a lifetime” with Whittle School & Studios, a new, venture capital funded, global network of international, bilingual schools serving students from pre-K to grade 12. His post will be as an administrator overseeing grades 1 through 9 in Whittle’s flagship school in Shenzhen, a manufacturing city and hub of innovation in southern China.


He says recruiters from Whittle came to him because their philosophy and objectives are in line with Wyckoff’s. “These are the progressive things Wyckoff is involved in that resonate with world-class practices that people are embracing in education: personalized education, interdisciplinary work, emphasis on social-emotional learning and growth of kids, integration of instructional technology into kids’ work, and using concrete experiences to ground deeper learning.


“I feel blessed to have been able to spend nearly 18 years of my career here in a town that cares so much about and supports education, is a wonderful community with supportive parent organizations like the PTO and WEF, and has excellent administrators and teachers,” he added. “You can’t ask for more. I leave with fond memories of people and moments. All of this makes it hard to leave.”


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