Wyckoff Welcomes Interim Superintendent

Posted by Thomas DeLoughry on 12/21/2018 6:08:00 AM

Wyckoff Welcomes Interim Superintendent

The Board of Education has appointed Dr. Jeffrey P. Feifer to be the Interim Superintendent for the remainder of the current school year while the process of hiring a full-time superintendent continues.


Dr. Feifer has had a 46-year career in education that includes 24 years as the superintendent of the Closter Public Schools where he also served as an elementary school principal for nine years.  He also has been as interim superintendent for a long list of districts that includes Hillsdale, Ringwood, Old Tappan, Oakland, Oradell, and Norwood.


Dr Kuder with Dr. Feifer

Feifer, who officially takes the reins on January 2nd, has already met with faculty members at all five Wyckoff schools and attended musical concerts at a few with departing superintendent Rich Kuder.


In his letter of application to the Wyckoff Board, Feifer said his time in Oakland had made him familiar with Wyckoff, Franklin Lakes, and the Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District. He said he had  “great admiration and appreciation” for what he saw as a “commitment to maximizing student achievement while providing a supportive and nurturing environment.”


Rob Francin, president of the Wyckoff Board of Education, calls Feifer “phenomenal” and is happy to have him coming aboard. “Jeff was a superintendent and has been in education for a long time in New Jersey. He is very well versed as superintendent and as an interim. He knows what the  District needs to keep the District running and also how to assist the board in finding the right permanent candidate.” Francin adds that Feifer also gives the District flexibility to retain him as the interim superintendent if the process of hiring a permanent superintendent goes beyond June 30th.


Dr. Kuder, the departing superintendent, also praised Dr. Feifer.  “When I heard that Jeff Feifer was available to serve as interim superintendent, I was very happy because I had worked with Jeff before and know him as a consummate educator and professional.”


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