School Buildings See Summer Improvements

Posted by Thomas DeLoughry on 11/14/2018


The Board of Education’s commitment to upgrading facilities was illustrated this summer in myriad projects aimed at improving drinking water, lighting, safety, and the climate for learning. John Doller, the District’s supervisor of buildings, grounds, and transportation, gave a report to the Board of Education in September that highlighted several of the projects completed during the summer months.

Lincoln School installed many new “Univent” heating and ventilation units and air-conditioning sytems, which are part of a larger five-year effort to upgrade such systems across the District. Washington and Coolidge have already received new univents and air conditioning in their classrooms, while more work is still to be done at Lincoln. Sicomac is next on the list and then a large-scale project is planned for Eisenhower, particularly in the older sections of the building that date back to 1963.


A new "univent" unit

A new “Univent” unit for heating and ventilation.

Doller’s staff also built new cement staircases at Sicomac and Lincoln, installed new bottle-filling, filtered-water  fountains at Eisenhower and Washington, and new stairway doors at Eisenhower. The middle school also had catch basins rebuilt in the parking lot, exhaust fans added in the second floor hallway, heat-reducing film installed on windows, and new air conditioning in the ETV television studio.

Two rooms at Washington got new flooring, while the District’s office needed work on its septic system. Custom cabinets were installed in several buildings and LED lighting upgrades were added in several schools as well.

Superintendent Rich Kuder says the projects reflect the Board of Education’s commitment to spending about $1.5 million every summer from its regular operating budget on building improvements. ”They represent the Board’s commitment to provide students and staff with outstanding facilities,” he says.


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