Board Policies Now Available Online

Posted by Wyckoff Schools Today at 2/17/2017


Board Policies Now Available Online

The many policies and regulations developed by the Board of Education are not just for the Board or the bored. They affect the lives of thousands of students plus the staff members and administrators in the District and now they can be viewed online under the Board of Education tab on the District’s Website.

Ever wonder about the policies and regulations governing “student attendance?” A quick search shows 10 pages of information deemed relevant. A search for “snow” turns up two policies and three regulations. “Technology” appears in 14 policies and 11 regulations.

The policies and regulations have always been available for public review, but having them searchable online is expected to make them much more accessible and useful for interested parties. "The searchability function is a useful tool for our adminsitrators," says Dr. Kuder. "There are thousands of pages of policies and regulations that guide decisions in the Wyckoff School District. The ability to search them efficiently allows our administrative team to use them effectively to inform their decisions.  Parents also have the abiltiy to use this same search function. I believe that parent accessibility allows for greater transparency and ultimately trust."


Strauss Esmay  

Wyckoff Board of Education Policies and Regulations

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