Safety and Security in the Wyckoff Public Schools

Posted by Wyckoff Schools Today at 4/14/2016


Over the past several years, the Board of Education has made significant investments to improve the safety and security of students and staff at all of our schools. At our most recent November meeting, the Board of Education approved a shared services agreement with the Ramapo Indian Hills School District (RIH) that provides the Wyckoff Public Schools with access to the RIH Security Coordinator, Mr. Charles Wolff.

Mr. Wolff, a retired police officer and school security expert, has been and will be, observing many of our emergency drills. He is also working with the other K-8 FLOW (Franklin Lakes-Oakland-Wyckoff) districts to coordinate and clarify emergency drill protocols. This is especially important as the vast majority of all of our students attend our regional high schools.

In addition to Mr. Wolff’s services, the FLOW Districts and RIH have jointly purchased the services of a company called Share911. This service allows us to obtain real time data during a drill or in the event of a real emergency. While we have always been able to communicate with our staff, Share 911 allows the staff to communicate with us and provides us with real-time attendance information as well as emergent issues that may occur during an emergency. This system is used by several other local districts and will be in place in the spring of 2016.

The safety and security of our schools is a top priority. In conjunction with Mr. Wolff and the Wyckoff Police Department, we will continue to make improvements that are based on best practices. As parents, one of the best ways that you can help us keep our students and staffs safe is by following established protocols for visitors. While sometimes those protocols may be inconvenient, they are there for the safety and well-being of everyone. I ask that you also be mindful of your driving behavior while picking up and dropping off your children at school. Together, we can ensure that our students and staff not only get safely to school, but are safe when they are at school.