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Posted by Wyckoff Schools Today at 12/20/2016

Do you remember the phone chain? Your child had a snow day. The school principal called a parent. Then, that parent called the next parent on the chain. Eventually, it would get to you, and you know that school was closed. It was a long process, but everyone did their part to make sure the community stayed informed.

Then, there were automated voice messages. Instead of a chain, a voice and email message from the superintendent was sent out to all families, letting them know that schools were closed. It was efficient, direct, and easy to stay informed. At some schools, administrators would create humorous videos for their community, letting them know that schools were closed. A spoof on Disney's Frozen went viral during last year's blizzard, receiving over four million views.

Although your school administrators may not be creating Frozen snow day videos for you, Nick Jacobus, Priscilla Jurgens, and Rob Shean have been working to create an even easier, more efficient way for you to receive messages and stay informed. It's the new Wyckoff School District App.

The Wyckoff School District has established a mass notification system that is used for distributing emergency announcements and time sensitive information to parents and staff around the district. The new notification system is hosted by Blackboard, which is utilized by many large Universities, including Rutgers and The College of New Jersey. A free mobile application is also included in the Blackboard contract that has many useful features for the parents of students attending the Wyckoff School District.

Not only does the app keep Wyckoff parents informed with emergency messages and information regarding school closings, but it also serves as a centralized hub to view social media feeds, news from the different schools, and student’s grades and attendance. Parents can also set the app to notify them when grades fall below a customizable grade scale as well as other features for their students.

According to Nick Jacobus, "Having the ability to contact all staff and parents at a moment's notice is essential for keeping the students and community safe and well informed. In using the mobile application, the Wyckoff community has the ability to stay connected and up-to-date with what’s going on in their school district." 

Nick Jacobus, Priscilla Jurgens, and Rob Shean have been working on the app since July 2016. There are many more features that the app offers. These will be released throughout the year.  

Here are the links to download the Wyckoff School District App:



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