Wyckoff Connected Parent Series

Posted by Wyckoff Schools Today at 12/20/2016

connected parent

Parents and guardians play a key role in their child’s education. As models of determination and hard work, cheerleaders of growth and self confidence, and proponents of continued learning and excellence, parental involvement is key to their child’s academic success. Wyckoff has a strong history of partnering with parents to enhance its continued excellence in education. With the new Wyckoff Connected Parent series, Curriculum Supervisor Grace White has created sessions that invite parents to learn about new curricular initiatives and engage in beneficial learning experiences.

Grace White states, “I began to think about these [the past parent sessions] as mostly being “sit and get” informational sessions. If we are true to our belief that all people learn better by doing, by experiencing, then our parent professional development needed to reflect more active engagement.” That is exactly what the Wyckoff Connected Parent series offers members of the community. Instead of going to these sessions to “sit and get” information, parents will be engaging in activities alongside their child, community members, and Wyckoff staff members. Parents will get a taste of what it’s like to be a Wyckoff student by being encouraged to experiment, create, participate, and take action at these sessions.

All Wyckoff Connected Parent sessions embrace parent interest. White commented, "I am impressed with and appreciative of teachers' enthusiasm to offer new, innovative sessions and partner with parents." Sessions will be offered to parents at different times. Wyckoff parents have broad ranges of work and household demands.  With great support from the teaching staff, the Wyckoff Connected Parent series is moving away from “evening only” sessions to three time slots: during the school day, after school, and in the evening. With these different offerings, parents can get connected at their convenience.

The offerings will also be diversified according to their child’s school. Parents will have a choice to attend both elementary and middle school sessions that focus on getting parents involved in their child’s education. From parent book clubs to learning sessions that aim to help parents understand the Google suite of apps that their child uses on a daily basis, each session is aimed at helping parents understand how their child learns.

A sampling of the offerings range from guidance counselors facilitating parent book clubs, STEM in the kindergarten classroom, a Family Fit evening, a middle school Innovation Lab experience, and many more.

The series of offerings was sent out to parents in one document, with electronic sign ups, making it easier for Wyckoff parents to view all the offerings at once, and sign up in one place. Parents will actively participate in all of these offerings! The flyer was sent out prior to Thanksgiving break. Click HERE to see all of the offerings.