Welcome Back

Posted by Rich Kuder on 9/8/2017

Welcome Back! I believe that it is going to be a great year filled with learning for all members of the Wyckoff educational community. Significant investments have been made over the summer to improve many aspects of the Wyckoff School District. Curricula have been reviewed and revised, facilities have been improved, and many of our teachers, staff, and administrators participated in professional growth opportunities over the summer. As the school year begins, I would like to bring to your attention a few important ideas to consider: 

  • Last spring, our former student Amanda Sproha, as a requirement of her Girl Scout Gold Award project, created a campaign to remind parents to drive carefully and slowly in the District schools’ parking lots. The “Slow Before You Go” signs are displayed daily reminding all of us to be vigilant. Please do not be distracted while you drive, and remember, texting while driving is a crime. We must protect all children.
  • As parents, we are often at a loss to keep up with the latest tech-related, media driven, social media fads. What seems to come so easily and quickly to our children, can be challenging for us as parents. I have found that the organization Common Sense Media offers a worthwhile site that provides solid advice and points for consideration when navigating these waters.
  • We are models for our children in so many ways. They watch everything that we do and hear everything we say, and we need to be mindful of our own social media practices. Be an encourager, a supporter, and a creator. A wise mentor once said, “praise in public and, if you must, criticize in private.“ I am grateful for the tremendous support that exists for education in this community. With the vision and support of our teachers, administrators, staff, parents, the Board of Education, the Parent Teacher Organizations, and the Wyckoff Education Foundation, we will continue to provide our children with many excellent opportunities to fulfill their potential.

Have a great school year. If you ever have a question or concern, please feel free to reach out to me at 201-848-5700 x6555 or at rkuder@wyckoffschools.org.

With sincere regards,

Richard D. Kuder, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools