Delayed Opening Professional Dates

Posted by Rich Kuder on 9/23/2017 1:00:00 PM

Delayed Opening Professional Day Information September 23, 2017

Dear Parents, In the Wyckoff School District, we are very proud of our teaching staff. We hire strong candidates, nurture a culture of collaboration, growth, and high expectations, and educate and train all staff to keep them abreast of the latest research and practices in curriculum, pedagogy, and other issues affecting education. We do not use packaged or “canned” programs in our classrooms. Our success, and our students’ growth, depends heavily on the quality of the teacher in every classroom. To continue and maintain this mindset and approach requires time, energy, and funding. In the past, in order to provide the time for teachers to learn new curricula and teaching strategies, we have removed teachers from their classrooms during a regular school day and hired substitutes. Over the past two years, for many good reasons, we have reduced this practice significantly. However, time is still needed to educate and grow the knowledge and practice of our staff. In order to facilitate this, last spring, the Wyckoff Board of Education approved five delayed opening professional days in the 2017-2018 school year calendar.

They are as follows: October 9, 2017 March 19, 2018 December 11, 2017 May 21, 2018 February 12, 2018 On these days, students should report to school at the following times: Elementary School: 10:20 am (School start time is 10:30 am) Middle School: 9:50 am (School start time is 10:00 am) *Middle School students who are receiving busing, should report to their bus stops 80 minutes after their regular bus pick-up time. We recognize that this may be an inconvenience for some families. This year-long pilot program will help us meet an essential need without pulling teachers from the classroom. In partnership with the YMCA, a fee-based, before school care program is being offered at each school. The brochure and details for all new and existing before/after care YMCA families are in the email you received and on our website.

If you have any questions about the delayed opening professional days, please contact me at the following email address: . Inquiries about the YMCA care program should be directed to .


Richard D. Kuder