Guidance Lessons

  • September to November



    Topic: Personal Growth and Wellness

    Goal: Identifying Feelings


    1st Grade

    Topic: Safe touches/Personal Space

    Goal: Identifying safe and appropriate behaviors/touches


    2nd Grade

    Topic:  Social and Emotional Health

    Goal: Identifying appropriate ways to prevent and resolve conflicts using “I messages”


    3rd Grade

    Topic: Accepting Differences in Others / Special Needs

    Goal: Compassion and acceptance


    4th Grade

    Topic: Resolving Conflicts and Strengthening Relationships

    Goal: Identifying effective communication skills when responding to conflict/disagreements


    5th Grade


    Topic: Bullying/Different Types of Conflict

    Goal: Identifying strategies to prevent and resolve different types of conflict


    December to March


    1st Grade

    Topic: Effective Decision Making Skills

    Goal: Explain what decision making is and why it is advantageous to think before acting


    2nd Grade

    Topic:  Coping Skills

    Goal: Explain healthy ways of coping with common stressful situations experienced by children


    3rd Grade

    Topic: Character Building

    Goal: Determine how attitudes and assumptions toward individuals with disabilities may negatively or positively impact them thoughts, feelings, health decisions and behaviors.


    4th Grade

    Topic: Community Health Skills

    Goal: Determine how family, peers technology, culture, and the media influence thoughts, feelings, health decisions and behaviors


    5th Grade

    Topic: Healthy Relationships

    Goal: Compare and Contrast how families may change over time



    1st Grade

    Topic:  Character Building-Community Health

    Goal: Explain the meaning of character and how it is reflected in the thoughts, feelings, and actions of oneself and others

    -Identify types of disabilities and demonstrate appropriate behavior when interacting with people with disabilities.


    2nd Grade

    Topic:  Community Health

    Goal: Compare and contrast different kinds of families locally and globally

    - Distinguish the roles and responsibilities of different family members

    - Determine the factors that contribute to healthy relationships


    4th Grade

    Topic: Family Life

    Goal: Explain how families typically share common values, provide love and emotional support, and set boundaries and limits

    -Explain why healthy relationships are fostered in some families and not others


    5th Grade

    Topic: Community Health Skills - Positive Character Traits

    Goal: Determine how an individual’s character develops over time and impacts personal health

    -Explain how character and core ethical values can be useful in addressing challenging situations