• littleBits
    What are littleBits?
    littleBits are the easiest way to prototype and learn with electronics. It's an ever-growing library of electronic modules that snap together with magnets so you can invent anything! Modules snap together with magnets so it's impossible to make a mistake.
    Why are the modules different colors?
    littleBits are grouped into four different categories, which are color coded:
    • Power (blue) - needed in every circuit and the start of all your creations
    • Input (pink) - these bits modules accept input from you and the environment and send signals to the modules that follow
    • Output (green) - these bits modules DO something - light, buzz, move...
    • Wires (orange) - these bits modules expand your reach and change direction - great for helping to incorporate littleBits into your projects
    Does it matter what order I put the modules in?
    Yes! Order is important. Power Modules always come first and Input Modules only affect the Output Modules that come after them.
    Here are some links to projects to try out (we also have worksheets with project ideas - see a Sicomac CoderDojo mentor if you can't find any). You are welcome to browse littleBits' website as well to find projects to work on!