Information for Parents

         Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.  Once again there is a lot of exciting new hardware, curriculum connections and challenges to look forward to in Computers and simply with regard to technology enhancements throughout this year.  Naturally, we continue our efforts toward a complete infusion of technology and curriculum as we strive to get the most advanced technology into the hands of our students on a daily basis. 
        As technology is a way of life today, EVERY Kindergarten through 2nd grade student will be guaranteed at least 60 minutes of Computer Lab time each week.  It is here that the kids will be introduced to keyboarding, coding and so much more!  I strive to make curriculum connections on a weekly basis and infuse many educational websites, staying on the cutting edge of technology in the 21st century.  
         Our youngest students in grades K-1 will learn new applications that have been purchased for our wide assortment of iPads and tablets.  Such devices are used to enhance and integrate into the curriculum on a daily basis.  So as you can see Kindergarten through 2nd grade are well on their way to establishing a firm foundation in terms of technology.
         At some point during our first marking period every 2nd grade student will receive their own ChromeBook computer to use in their classroom and in Computers.  As the ChromeBook is a little different from the MAC computers our students have been using since Kindergarten, there will be a bit of a learning curve. Nevertheless, this priveledge of receiving the ChromeBook at such a young age will help our 2nd graders grow immensely.  
         What about grades 3-5 you ask?  Grades 3-5 will continue to see big changes in terms of technology this year. This is the third year that these grades will no longer be coming to the Computer Lab as a Special once a week. It is both a State and District goal to see technology being used daily in all subjects and throughout the curriculum. We are always working very hard to put together a program that will fulfill this goal and make technology and your child's technological experience authentic and meaningful.  With that said, as the Technology Integration Specialist I will be joining and working collaboratively with the classroom teacher to support curriculum and introduce students to projects and technology not seen in the past.  Each teacher and I will meet weekly, to talk about ways technology can enhance planned lessons and then we will work together to do just that!  
         This year, I will put an emphasis on integrating Technology in the STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Math), while utilizing the MakerSpace with a variety of exciting new materials that were purchased for this year.  I spent a lot of time this Summer coming up with some new and exciting curriculum connections that will be enhanced in our MakerSpace.
         It is exciting to tell you that every 3rd-5th grade student has a 1:1 access to a ChromeBook computer used on a daily basis in their classrooms.  Technology is a necessary skill that is used on a daily basis to engage  students in collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.  
        I look forward to watching our kids become more and more computer savvy as time goes on and to witnessing success in all of their future endeavors.
                                                                Ms. Levine
                                                                Computer Teacher and Technology Integration Specialist