• Melissa Miller - Resource Programs Teacher

    The resource program is one of the many options available to students with special needs. Resource programs offer individual and small group instruction to students found eligible by the Child Study Team. Resource programs provide either support of the general education curriculum or replace the curriculum with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP.)

    In a support program, the student meets the general education curriculum requirements for the grade or subject being taught. Modifications can be made to the instruction or the assessment procedures. Support programs can be provided in the regular classroom or as a pull-out program. In an In-Class Resource (ICR) Program, a resource program teacher goes in to the class to support the general education teacher. In an Out-of -Class Support (OCS) Program, the student goes out to the resource room for support.

    In a Resource Replacement (RR) program, the general education curriculum may be modified, as well as the instructional strategies and assessments. The primary instruction is done by the resource program teacher.

    For more information about the resource programs or other options available to students with special needs, please visit Special Services.