Prinicipal Survey

SECTION I - Description of Evaluation Process of District Certified District Principals/Assistant Principals

The observation, evaluation and support of teaching staff is vastly important in the Wyckoff Public Schools. The Board of Education and administrative body recognize that the continuing evaluation of all teaching staff members is essential to the achievement of the educational goals of this district. Classroom visits, formal observations and ongoing professional dialog and development are widely respected and institutionalized.

In accordance with administrative code, nontenured teachers are observed three times a year; tenured teachers are observed and evaluated once during the course of the school year. In an effort to ensure that a high level of instruction and academic rigor are commonplace, teachers are routinely observed by district level personnel in addition tot their building principals. Formal observations are both announced and unannounced; multiple observations by varied staff members help to ensure there is consistency and support for teachers.

An annual performance report and summary conference is created each year; supervisors and teachers meet individually to discuss a review of the performance, progress toward the objectives set forth in the professional improvement plan developed at the previous annual conference, pupil assessments and growth toward program objectives. This report is complemented with input from other administrative personnel to advance a holistic evaluation of performance.

The ongoing professional development and enhanced skill set of administrators in the Wyckoff Public Schools aids in pupils' academic success and advancement. To that end, the Board and Education and Superintendent of Schools seek to routinely review and evaluate the performance of administrative personnel. All administrative staff, regardless of tenure status are thoroughly screened upon hire and supported by varied professional development opportunities, ongoing collegial dialog and shared decision making.

Tenured administrative staff are evaluated annually by appropriately certified and trained administrators or supervisors. A summary conference, as well as a written performance report is prepared by appropriate supervisory staff. Additionally, a professional growth plan is developed by each administrator. School goals and student academics are referenced in the creation of year on year goals. The annual performance review is based upon the job description and an analysis of the progress toward the objectives of the individual professional development plan.

Nontenured administrative staff are evaluated three times annually, in addition to a final, summative report. The development and review of a professional growth plan complements this structure. The purpose of this process is to identify and correct deficiencies, improve professional competence, establish a means for determining reemployment, and improve the quality of the educational program of the district.

SECTION II - (To protect confidentiality, a district with less than 10 principals are not required to report this data)
Wyckoff has fewer than 10 principals.

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