Library Media Center
Ms. Caputo 

Eisenhower School Library Media Center
201.848.5750 ext. 2517 


Hours of Operation:  Mon. – Fri. 7:45 – 3:15 
The goal of the Media Center at Eisenhower is to be an area for all students and staff to collaborate, work individually, locate resources, and receive academic support. Students may come to the Media Center at anytime during the day for Chromebook assistance, check books in or out, work at the round tables, or the computers around the room, as long as Ms. Caputo or another teacher is present. Destiny is our system for locating books in the media center, as well as, Follett Shelf is available for students to browse ebooks, and put books on hold. Each student has a personal log-in. See below for links and login information.
Please contact Ms. Caputo if you need assistance at 
Use link above to locate books in the EMS Library Media Center 

Follett Shelf website
Use this link to look for books and ebooks.  
Students can also put books on HOLD using the login information below 
Student all have accounts:
Usernames = Firstname.Lastname (if you have spaces in your name you need to put them)
Password = student ID # (any front zeros are removed)
Example: U = kristin.caputo P = 123456 (any zeros on the front are removed)


Bergen County Cooperative Library System: