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    Miss Lucchetto

  • Hello and Welcome! I am excited to join the Sicomac family as the Technology Teacher. I have been in education for over 11 years, starting out in Flemington, New Jersey. My career began as a full time, third grade teacher for 8 years. While teaching in the classroom I found one of my passions, technology. It was during this time that I began teaching myself more and more about how technology works and how I can utilize it to enhance the learning of the students I teach. 

    Aside from evolving in the classroom, I began working outside of the classroom for a company called Eduscape. Working for Eduscape has allowed me to enjoy many opportunities teaching and coaching other teachers all across the United States, along with focus even more on devices and technology integration in the classroom. From doing this work I was inspired a few years ago to leave the classroom and begin a new chapter of my career as a Technology Integration Specialist. 

    As a Technology Integration Specialist I have enjoyed many years of working collaboratively with staff and students, turning "I wishes" into realities; and sharing my passions with students, teachers, and families. I am looking forward to learning and sharing more with everyone here at Sicomac and around the world.