World Geography

     Grade 7 Social Studies


    “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”- Benjamin Franklin





    • Understanding Our World
    • Development
    • Conflict and Resolution
    • Justice

    GRADING: Grading is broken down into 4 categories.

             Homework and Student Responsibility   10%

             Tests                                                        35%

             Projects                                                    35%

             Journals                                                    20%


    HOMEWORK: Homework is a tool to both reinforce concepts discussed in class and prepare students for the next lesson.  Homework will not be assigned every day.  Homework is shared over Google Calendar. If you cannot access the calendar, please see me.

    TESTS and PROJECTS: Tests and projects are assigned throughout the year. Plenty of notice is given to prepare work.  Students must plan their time wisely.  Grades will be posted on Genesis, which can be viewed through your parent account. 

    MISSED CLASSES: Homework and projects are posted on Google Calendar and Google Classroom. Students who are absent from school should see their teachers the day they return to arrange to determine how to make up work.  Students who are in school but miss class are expected to have their work in on time. When a student misses class, they should check Google Classroom to access copies of handouts and assignments from over the course of the unit.  

    PARENT INVOLVEMENT: Parents are encouraged to help foster good work habits for your child at home by checking the homework on Google Calendar.  Please contact us at any time (email is best) to share information about your child.  

    CLASS EXPECTATIONS: Enter quietly with tools for learning listed below, copy your homework in your agenda, take out what you need for class, and get started on any “Do Now” tasks.

    SUPPLIES: The following materials are necessary for Social Studies class:

    • A part of a binder or a folder.
    • Earbuds
    • Pencils/pens
    • Highlighter


    Have a wonderful year!!