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    Flag Day 2012
    What has become a tradition at Coolidge School, commemorating Flag Day is an important part of our year.  From our Safety Patrol raising the flag to our Student Council President's and Vice President's patriotic words to the group of 3rd graders who read their original poetry to the entire school taking part in song, our Flag Day celebration continues to be a meaningful event.


    4th and 5th Grade Band Concert-June 2012
    Mr. Weidman and Mr. Gurick did a wonderful job with our 4th and 5th grade band who have all made great strides this year for the 4th grade and over the past 2 years for the 5th grade.  Congratulations to all who made this such an outstanding performance.


    Field Day-2012
    Many thanks go out to Mrs. Burkard and all of the volunteers who made this field day such an exciting and fun one for every child at Coolidge this year.


    The Science Fair- 2012

    Wow!  Thanks to all who volunteered and participated in this year's Science Fair.  It appears to have been an overwhelming success.

    Oh The Places We Went- Theme Day 2012
    A huge thank you goes out to the many volunteers who helped to make Theme Day 2012 such a wonderful experience for everyone. 

    Wellness Day at Coolidge- March 21, 2012
    With the help and thanks to all of our participating teachers, volunteers and nurse, our annual Wellness Day was a huge success.  Check out the pictures of all of our students enjoying learning about and eating healthy foods.

    Read Across America day was a day at the beach for all of the students at Coolidge School!

    Thank You PTO For Providing a Wonderful Assembly!


    Bravo!  Our 5th Grade Band Concert was Outstanding- January 19, 2012

    Our 5th grade band students performed marvelously to an excited crowd.  They have all come so far in 2 years thanks to Mr. Gurick and Mr. Weidman.

    Congratulations to our 4th and 5th Grade Spelling Bee Finalists- January 12, 2012
    Our 4th and 5th grade Scripps Spelling Bee Finalists all did a wonderful job today under pressure.  They should each be proud of their accomplishments.  A special CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Sorab T. who was our winner and to Elizabeth O. who was our 2nd place runner up.  Great job!

    Coolidge School Holiday Sing-A-Long- Friday, December 23, 2011
    What a great way to wrap up the year at Coolidge School with plenty of entertainment and songs to celebrate the holiday season.  Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday and a wonderful new year!

    2nd and 3rd Grade- Holiday House Performance- Wednesday, December 21, 2011

    What a welcome to the holidays our 2nd and 3rd graders gave at their "Holiday House" performances.  The kids all looked great and sang wonderfully!

    4th and 5th Grade Chorus Dress Rehearsal- Wednesday, December 14, 2011
    4th and 5th graders entertained the entire school as they performed their final dress rehearsal before our parents see them tomorrow. 

    K-1 Kick Off Our Holiday Concerts- Tuesday, December 13, 2011
    All of our K-1 students did a fantastic job during their two performance holiday show.  Check back as more photos get uploaded.

    5th Grade Chorus Performs at Bergen Town Center- December 1, 2011
    Congratulations to all of our 5th graders who bravely gave outstanding performances to a huge crowd at The Bergen Town Center.  Santa even came to congratulate our singers.

    Author Visit by Nick Bruel- Novemember 29, 2011
    Author/illustrator Nick Bruel visited Coolidge School on Tuesday, November 29th. He entertained our students who all had an opportunity to get a copy of his very funny and popular books autographed.

    Cap Lady- November 17 and 18, 2011
    Many thanks go out to the PTO and to Ms. DiTursy for bringing in an exceptional artist, Michele Stitzlein, who uses bottle caps to create phenomenal pieces of art work and vibrant 3D murals.  The assembly, to kick off this event, was inspirational and got all of the kids and grownups excited about reusing old materials to make some beautiful things.  After, students got to try their hand at creating these wonderful pieces.

    Halloween Parade- November 3, 2011
    It doesn't matter how many days past Halloween it is, everyone enjoys a great parade and party!

    Harvest Festival- October 21, 2011
    It was a perfect day for a Harvest festival as is very obvious from all of these fantastic pictures.

    Fire Prevention Assembly- October 10, 2011

    Mr. Famularo helped the firemen today as he demonstrated what to wear in case of a fire.  Many thanks to our firefighters who gave up their time to speak to our kids today about fire safety.

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