• Eisenhower Middle School

    Class Overview

    Visual Art is one of the Cycle classes offered at Eisenhower.  During this cycle, students will have art class for 36 school days.
    This art class is designed to encourage and challenge students to recognize their own ideas,  and point of view and communicate them through a variety of mediums.  Students will also be exposed to art and ideas from a variety of different cultures, time periods and styles.

    The class is taught using a workshop/studio approach: the program is project based and each new lesson begins with a historical overview and visual demonstration followed by individual student work time.  Students will have the opportunity to work in a variety of mediums throughout their art cycle and completed works are continuously displayed through out the school as well as on our online EMS gallery http://www.artsonia.com/schools/school.asp?id=8690

    Media & Subject Exploration

    6th Grade
    Grade 6 students will experiment with acrylic painting, ceramic mosaic, rubber stamp carving, basic clay techniques, pastel techniques and much more.  A few of the themes covered in class will include: Impressionist painting, The Pop-Art Movement, Greek & Roman Art, Native American Art and Surrealism

    7th Grade
    7th grade students will be exposed to tooling metal, acrylic paints, paper collage, plaster casting and relief sculpture techniques.  Subjects introduced in this grade include:  Realism, Art of the Pre-Columbian Mexico, History of Stained Glass, Roman Art & Mythology, and Portraiture.

    8th Grade
    8th grade students will experiment with watercolor and acrylic painting, glass mosaics, pencil drawing, clay sculpture, simple carving techniques and much more!  A few of the themes covered in class include color theory, self-portraiture, basic drawing techniques and additive & subtractive sculpture.

    Please visit our online school gallery at: