• Mrs. McNamara

    Home Economics

    FOODS 6th, 7th & 8th

    • 6th Grade Foods:
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    The students are learning about the "My Plate". They will prepare 2-3 dishes in each section. The class is divided up into 4 kitchen labs and work together as a team to complete each recipe. Each lab recipe will require them to use different equipment and tools in their kitchens. Safety is our #1 concern. Our cycle concludes with an 'Iron Chef Competition' - preparing Waffles that will be judged by staff members.

    • 7th Grade Foods:
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    Is a continuation from 6th grade foods using the "My Plate". Their recipes however will be more complex as the cycle progresses. Recipes are from scratch and will be prepared in 1-2 day labs. Safety is our #1 concern. Their cycle concludes with  'Cupcake Wars' - that will be judged by staff members.

    • 8th Grade Foods:
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    8th graders will be traveling the globe! Students will prepare meals from several different countries. Students are welcome to bring in foods from their own cultures for the class to experience. Safety is our #1 concern. This year the 8th graders will conclude the cycle with  "Chopped" - the students will be given a list of ingredients and with the aide of IPads, find a recipe which includes all these ingredients. Staff members will be judging the competition.