• Ms. Sarah Clooney

    Team 5 Mathematics


    This is my second year teaching here at Eisenhower and I couldn't be more excited! I graduated from The College of New Jersey in Mathematics Education. I have always had a passion for teaching. Knowledge is such a powerful tool that I always felt proud to share. As for mathematics, I always enjoyed the challenge it provided me. I believe that every student has the potential of being a "math person" if they are not afraid of a challenge and are willing to make the effort to learn. My goal as a teacher is to constantly grow with my students throughout this year and to make strives towards progress. I want to provide an environment where students are exploring mathematics and problem solving with their peers. Mathematics should be about perseverance and conceptual understanding. Developing a deep understanding of the problems you are working with, along with developing valuable skills of critical thinking and making connections is essential to student growth. 


    While I'm not teaching, I love to travel! During college, I lived abroad in London for 6 months where I was able to travel to 9 different countries within Europe. I may be a little bias, but London is my favorite city in the world (although Florence and Dublin come close!). There are so many different cultures and foods to experience! This past summer, I traveled to Ireland to visit my family and I drove down the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Trying new foods was definitely my favorite part of those trips. On the weekends, you can find me playing ultimate frisbee, watching a new movie or television show, catching up on some stand up comedy, or spending time with friends and family. 


    Feel free to contact me at sclooney@wyckoffschools.org! I'm excited for a great school year!