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The Wyckoff Board of Education conducted a survey to determine the Communication needs in the District. Please click below to view the presentation that discusses our goals and objectives.

Communications Presentation

The Board of Education wants an informed electorate and strives to communicate with all Wyckoff residents. Board newsletters are sent to all residents. Staff instructional reports are presented to the public at Board of Education meetings. A Kindergarten Handbook is given to all parents when they register their children for Kindergarten and an Eisenhower Handbook is distributed to all middle school students. In addition, copies of the Board agendas and minutes of past meetings are available at the Wyckoff Public Library and online at the district’s website. Periodically, press releases are also distributed to local newspapers.

Board of Education Meetings (Policy #0162 & 0164):

The Board of Education conducts regular monthly business meetings. During meetings, action is taken, and questions concerning action items may be addressed to the Board.

Board meetings are held as scheduled on Monday evenings at 7:00pm at Eisenhower Middle School, except when noted. All meetings are announced in The Record, Villadom Times, Suburban News & The Ridgewood News at least 48 hours in advance.

2011-2012 Meeting Dates can be found under the Board of Education tab.

Parent-Teacher Communication (Policy & Regulation #3260 & 9280):

Effective communication between parent and teacher often involves more than the regularly scheduled parent conference and report cards. Teachers welcome the opportunity to discuss a child's work on any facet of the classroom program. A telephone call, email, memo, or visit to school may avoid a problem or a misunderstanding.

If a visit is preferred, please call the school office to schedule an appointment with your child's teacher.

School Visitation (Policy #9150):

Parents are invited to visit their child's classroom on identified school days. Should there be a need for an additional visit, please contact your building’s principal.

Items to be delivered to elementary students such as lunches, instruments, books, and sneakers should be taken to the school office for delivery to the classrooms by office staff.

Items to be delivered to the middle school must be brought to the office by 10:30am. Students are responsible to read a posted list in the cafe and pick up the items in the office. Emergency notes will be delivered.

Homework (Policy & Regulation #2330):

Homework is given to extend and reinforce what is taught in the classroom. The following suggestions are endorsed by the staff:

1. Take an interest in what your child is doing in school;

2. Provide a quiet atmosphere and a suitable time in which the child can do his/her assignment;

3. Encourage your child to do the homework, but do not assume the responsibility of completing the assignment yourself;

4. Accept your child's own best work;

5. When a child is absent from school, please wait at least 3 days before requesting make-up work.

The current homework guidelines suggest that in general, students may be assigned ten minutes of homework multiplied by the grade level of the student. All students work at different paces and complete work at different rates. In general, homework assignments should not exceed 20 minutes in Kindergarten - Grade 2, 60 minutes in Grades 3 - 5 and 90 minutes in Grades 6 - 8. Homework should be assigned as needed and always serve a valid learning purpose.

Reporting Student Progress (Policy #2622, 3260 & 9280; Policy & Regulation # 2624 & 5420):

The program for reporting progress in grades one through five includes two parts: skill progress reports at the end of the second, and third marking periods and a parent-teacher conference prior to the end of the first marking period.

Kindergarten reports are given at individual parent conferences twice a year. A written report is provided between the two conference dates.

At Eisenhower, sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students receive a report card at the end of each of the three marking periods.

Upon parent or teacher request, a conference may be set up at any time during the school year.

Pupil Records (Policy & Regulation #8330):

New Jersey Administrative Code states that parents have the right to view their child's cumulative record. If you care to do so, call the counselor at your respective school for an appointment. Records of students who have been evaluated by the district Child Study Team may be reviewed at the Student Personnel Services Office. Please call the office at 201-848-5690 for more information.

Rights of Parents

New Jersey Administrative Code states that parents have the right to inquire about the qualifications and Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) status of your child’s teacher as per Title IIA. Please contact your building’s principal for further information.

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