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We are constantly examining how best to assess student learning in the Wyckoff School District. We use several different methods of assessment across the district, including formative assessments, summative assessments, and standardized tests. Some assessments inform instructional practice, while others gauge academic progress of individuals or groups of students. It is important for parents/guardians to know that assessment happens in our schools every day, and different assessments serve different purposes. In the Wyckoff School District, we believe that no single measure is sufficient to judge school performance or to guide instruction. We will continue to use a combination of appropriate assessments to plan our curriculum so it meets the needs of each student.

"Summative assessments" are assessments of learning and are used to report academic progress at various points throughout the year.  A summative assessment may be a test, a written report, a project or other activity that demonstrates learning.  The information derived from these assessments is very important, but is still only a sample of student learning and doesn’t provide thorough evidence of a student’s academic performance.

"Formative assessments" are assessments for learning that teachers use every day.  They are
evaluations done along the way as a part of the instructional process and provide information to students and teachers about student understanding at a point when changes can be made to lessons. These assessments may include observations, journal writing, quizzes and student writing conferences. The purpose is to help students understand how to improve.

"Standardized assessments," including the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment (NJSLA), provide us with only one part of a student’s college and career readiness.  To provide us with additional information to guide instructional decisions, we implement additional standardized assessments such as CoGAT.

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