• Suggested Reader's Responses


    *Reading is thinking and in order to create meaning, a reader responds and interacts with the text in some way.

    1. Predict what will happen in the next chapter.

    2. Give an opinion of the book so far and explain your opinion.

    3. Write an SWST for one chapter.

    4. Describe how this book is different from other books you have read.

    5. Describe how this book is the same from other books you have read.

    6.Illustrate the main idea of the chapter.

    7. Identify a favorite quote, sentence or passage. Tell why it is your favorite.

    8. Describe how you dealt with unusaual or difficult vocabulary.

    9. Ask the author a question.

    10. Write a thinkspot.

    11. Write a SWST for what you have read so far.

    12. Describe what you would say to encourage a friend to read this book.

    13. Does the character have a problem to solve? If yes what is it?

    14. Describe the character's internal traits (personality). What makes you think this?

    15. Speculate as to why the author may have written this book.

    16. Do you have any connections? Text to Self? Text to Text? Text to World?

    17. Do you have a question about what will happen next?

    18. Do you think the book has a message? If so what is it?

    19. Is the character like you? Unike you? How so?

    20. What is the theme of the book? Does the book have more than one theme?