NJ ASK Science - Grades 4 & 8

  • New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJASK) Science




    The NJ ASK Science test measures fourth and eighth grade students' ability to recall information and to solve problems by applying science concepts. This standardized test of student achievement assesses knowledge and application skills in three clusters utilizing multiple-choice and constructed-response items. Students’ content knowledge and skills are examined as follows:


    Life Science

    Earth Science

    Physical Science

    ·      Matter, Energy, and Organization in Living Systems

    ·      Diversity and Biological Evolution
    Reproduction and Heredity

    ·      Natural Systems and Interactions

    ·      Human Interactions and Impact

    ·      Earth's Properties and Materials

    ·      Atmosphere and Weather
    Processes that Shape the Earth

    ·      How We Study the Earth
    Earth, Moon, Sun System
    Solar System
    Galaxies and Universe

    ·      Structure and Properties of Matter

    ·      Chemical Reactions
    Motion and Forces

    ·      Energy Transformations