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    The curriculum of the Mathematics Department is aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  In 2016, New Jersey revised the CCSS, known as the Student Learning Standards.  There were mimal changes made, as highlighted in this article.  In the summer of 2016, updates were made to Eisenhower's current curriculum to adapt to the needs of the students and any changes in the standards.  Curriculum is continually being evaluated to best engage students.  


    The standards used when writing curriculum are listed below.  Equally important as content is the processes that which we use to learn and apply mathematics.  The Common Core State Standards and the 21st Century Standards layout many skills, such as persevering through problems and reasoning abstractly, as crucial to mastering mathematics content.  Education has utilized these skills in the mathematics classroom long before these standards were formalized, since it is crucial to remember mathematics is not just a course, but actually applicable to our lives and many careers.  



    Common Core Standards

    Common Core Process Standards

    New Jersey Student Learning Standards

    21st Century Standards