• 4th and 5th Grade Units
    Unit 1: Introduction to class 

    • Classroom procedures
    • Teacher expectations
    • Purpose of classroom stations
    • The importance of accessing prior knowledge of Spanish


    Unit 2: The Body, Clothing and Hispanic Heritage Month
    • The impact that the Hispanic culture has had on the rest of the world.
    • The meaning behind Hispanic Heritage Month
    • The difference between The Day of the Dead and Halloween
    • The names of body parts and clothing
    • Adjective agreement when describing clothing items with colors
    Unit 3: The Family and Winter Holidays

    • How Christmas and Hanukah are celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries
    • How to express their likes and dislikes
    • The verb forms for "I" and "We"


    Unit 4: SER & ESTAR (The Two Verbs "to be")

    • How to express how they are feeling(emotions and health)
    • How to describe themselves and others(personality and physical descriptions)
    • How Hispanics celebrate Valentine's Day
    • The origin of chocolate
    • The migration of the Monarch butterfly


    Unit 5: School Subjects with Time

    • How to tell time in Spanish
    • How to express when classes begin and end
    • How to talk about the different areas /rooms in the school


    Unit 6: The Restaurant

    • The origins of certain Hispanic foods.
    • How to request foods and drinks in Spanish.
    • The correct way to set a table.
    • The difference between a healthy and unhealthy diet.
    • What activities they should do to maintain good health.


    Unit 7: Our Year in Spanish 
    • How to describe and explain the topics discussed in Spanish class throughout the year.