• 3A Supply List


    •      1 individual hand-held sharpener that holds the shavings
    •      36 sharpened  #2 pencils
    •      1 pack of highlighters (variety pack)
    •      5 Mead marble composition books
    •      3 folders with pockets (labeled Friday folder, Writing folder and To-Do folder)
    •      1 pack of dry erase markers - Low Odor
            (and an eraser—an old, clean sock will work just fine!)
    •      3 glue sticks
    •      1 pencil bag or box (about 8x4 - it needs to fit in your desk)
    •      2 packages of 3x5 white lined index cards and a holder for them (A zip lock bag is    
           just fine!)
    •      1 individual sticky note pad (the lined are easier to write on—any color, size 3x3)
    •      1 pair of child-friendly scissors
    •      1 small package of tissues for your desk
    •      1 package of either colored pencils/crayons/markers (I have some of each in the 
           room to share)
    •      1 art smock (please label full name with permanent marker and place in a zip lock
    •      multiplication and division flash cards
    •      Optional: disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer

    Many of you may already have the supplies listed above if you ordered through school at the end of last year.