The criteria for selecting TAP students has specific components

    which give the Tap student that special quality known as gifted.Gifted and talented children are those who do things a little earlier, a little better, a little faster, and probably a little differently from most other children. Here are some areas that should be considered.

             1.The ability to perform in the visual arts on advanced levels; in skills and techniques, in interest in working in the arts areas, and in a high degree of individual creativity and originality.

             2.The ability to internalize and create within the arts areas, using Abstract Thinking. To show interest in cause-effect relationships; and interest in applying these concepts.

             3.To posses a high degree of motivation that allows the student to build on their adequate art background without need to instruct on basic skills and techniques.

             4.The ability to exhibit a high degree of technical skill and use a variety of tools and different media.

             5.The ability to be independent, have self-confidence in one’s own ideas and unique forms of creative designs, to handle freedom of choice, movement, and student interaction without abusing the privilege or falling apart from a need for teacher aid.

             6.The ability to cope with pressures of newness, change of time; to be flexible in working with concepts; to finish work to the best of one’s ability even if one doesn’t particularly care for that project.

             7.To exhibit the classroom behavior that is expected from all students. To be a cooperative,responsible and well mannered. To have respect for one’s self and a positive attitude toward others.


             The teacher's responsibility will be to nurture and encourage the students so that they perfect their thoughts, impulses, and express their ideas in an environment that fosters a productive and creative atmosphere.