Curriculum Content Areas - Wyckoff Public Schools

  • English Language ArtsReading Buddies

    The Wyckoff Public School District strives to empower students to achieve and exceed the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Language Arts Literacy Standards with the ultimate goal of preparing them to become active thinkers in current and future communities. We embrace best practices in instruction and assessment, as based on a review of the current educational research. At the heart of our literacy beliefs are authentic experiences in reading, writing, listening, speaking and viewing in the real world. Thinking, curiosity, and inquiry serve as foundational catalysts that will enable all learners to contribute successfully in a global society.  Literacy strategies are visibly employed across a variety of texts and topics. 

    Ongoing, performance-based assessment is employed to measure, evaluate, and communicate student needs and student progress.  Our belief is that no one assessment measure, formal or informal, stands alone as the single indicator of student performance.  Each provides a snapshot of the learner and drives instruction for all stakeholders.  Teachers teach children first, subjects second.

    Wyckoff Public School educators, knowing that one size does not fit all, uphold a strong commitment to meet the needs of its varied learners.  With this in mind, teachers of language arts literacy work diligently to

    • provide explicit instruction in reading and writing strategies as teachers use these strategies to foster deep understanding of information.
    • provide strategy instruction through the gradual release of responsibility framework.
    • create and manage intellectually stimulating, inclusive, and safe learning environments in which students take risks as they work independently and collaboratively.
    • provide instruction that is responsive to different learning styles and improves student achievement.
    • differentiate instruction that builds upon the learner’s unique strengths and needs.
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