• Media Center Policies and Procedures



    All classes K-5 come to the media center once a week for an hour long lesson.


    Book Selection

    The students are all given time at the conclusion of the lesson to select a book(s) to take home. Book selection limits are as follows:


    Kindergarten -- one book

    First grade -- 3 books (starting in January they are allowed to take up to 4 books)

    Second grade -- Fifth grade --a reasonable amount of books for two weeks


    Kindergarten and First grade students select books from designated display areas. These books are chosen to reflect a variety of reading levels, both fiction and nonfiction, which contain appropriate content for our younger readers. The books on display also allow the children to see the cover, open the books to get a sense of the story before making their choice without worrying about re-shelving it.

    Second through Fifth grade students can select books from all sections of the library and have been taught how to use a shelf marker so that books that are removed from the shelf can be put back in the correct location. This helps keep our library organized so that the staff and students can locate the books they need.


    Balanced Literacy

    Washington School uses the Balanced Literacy approach to teaching reading. This means that children are encouraged to read "Just Right" books which are on their independent reading level. Teachers suggest that students make at least one "Just Right" book selection each week in Media. Other selections can be Just Right or pleasure reading books which may or may not be below their independent level. It is my goal to make sure that children become confident, fluent readers who value literature and see the Media Center as a place where their learning is enhanced and the magic of reading is celebrated.


    Overdue Books

    The loan period for Kindergarten and First grade is one week. Second through Fifth grade students have a two week loan period. If a student wishes to keep a book longer they may renew it by bringing it to me for re-scanning. If a student has an overdue book they may only take out one book that week. Once the overdue book is returned they may resume taking out more books. If the book becomes overdue by a considerable amount of time the student's borrowing privileges will be suspended until it is returned. If a book is not returned and is 'lost' a notice will be sent home to notify the parents and the cost of the book will be requested so that are placement may be purchased. There are no overdue fines assessed to students. At the end of the school year, all books need to be returned before the report card can be handed out.



    A student may request a 'hold' to be placed for a book that is currently checked out to another patron.Students may only hold two books at a time. When the book is available the student will be notified.


    Book Care and Behavior

    Proper book care is taught to all the students. This includes keeping books away from pets and younger siblings who might cause harm to books, using a book mark, and reading with clean hands. They are told to keep the books dry and away from food and drinks. Children are expected to be respectful when in the media center, to the materials, their classmates, the parent volunteers and to their teacher.Failure to use proper media center behavior could result in filling out a behavior contract and/or a temporary hold on borrowing materials.



    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at jtelesmanich@wyckoffschools.org


    Jessica Telesmanich

    Media Specialist