• Homework Tuesday, June 18, 2019
    Read nightly for at least 15 minutes.
    Word Study
    Practice Activity (Monday-Thursday)
    A packet of practice activities was sent home.  Pick one activity each night to practice the weekly word study words.  Can you think of your own fun game or way to practice your word study words?  Please share with our class and we can add it to the list!  
    Practice addition and subtraction facts nightly.  You can practice using flash cards, activities you have at home or play one of the games on the 2R website under the Math Link Library 
    You may receive a practice page occasionally. 
    Word Wall Word Wall words will be sent home throughout the year as we add them to our classroom Word Wall.  Review the words and write the words you need to practice on index cards.  Write a sentence on the back of each card using the word.  Practice these words everyday to learn them more quickly.