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    Here are some internet sites that you may find useful. Please let me know if you enjoy them. If you find any other sites you think are beneficial, please feel free to email me tkramer@wyckoffschools.org
    PARRC readiness:
    Dance Mat Typing:  build your keyboarding skills 
    Keyboarding - work at your own pace at Learning.com
    Math Skills:  build your overall math skills & practice computer calculations
    Scholastic: order books online from the 5K webpage & support our classroom library!
    Find a book : this website will allow you to search for a new book title using your Guided Reading Level (GRL)
    Scholastic : need to find the level of your independent reading book?
    Bookhive: Looking for a book? This is a site where suggestions are listed by kids, teachers, parents and librarians. It's organized by subject, but you can do other searches as well

    Word Study:
    Billionaire plurals:  millionaire-like game to practice spelling of plurals 
    Spelling City - helps you practice your Words Their Way list


    Social Studies:
    Wyckoff: Wyckoff's official website
    New Jersey: NJ's website, especially geared for kids
    Geography puzzles: Test out your geography skills
    Mission US: Live the life of Nathaniel Wheeler, 14 year old apprentice, in pre American Revolutionary War


    General Information:
    NJ Department of Education : information for parents
    Internet 101 : learn the basics of how the internet works
    Scholastic for families: general information for parents of 5th graders