• Daily Homework :)
    Reading Reading folders (blue) go home every night. They are returned and checked daily.
    Each night, please do the following on your Reading Log:
    • Neatly write the title and author
    • Record how long you read for
    • Write your reader's response (prediction, fact, problem/solution, theme, lesson, character trait with evidence)
    Don't forget to have an adult write initials!
    Word Study
    Monday: Read your list of words.Trace and Say 3 times each word
    Tuesday: Color Coding or Rainbow Writing
    Wednesday: Go on a word hunt! Read the controlled passage. Highlight words that fit this week's pattern
    Thursday: Choice Night

    Each week: Please keep words inside your yellow homework folder.

    Additional Assignments: Spelling Illustrations, Sentences/Story, Create Word Search, Spelling Bar Graph, Word Hunt, Concentration, etc.
    Math worksheets go home every night in homework folder (yellow). 
    Enrichment (on colored paper) gets sent home every night. If you have NO TROUBLE with the regular math worksheet, you can try the extra credit. Good luck!

    Generating ideas for Small Moments (beginning, middle, and end)
    Unit 1: Solids and Liquids
    What is a solid?
    Name some examples of solids.
    What is a liquid?
    Name examples of liquids. 
    How can temperature change solids and liquids?
    Social Studies
    Building a Classroom Community
    What are our classroom rules?
    What does it mean to be a good classroom citizen?
    What character traits do you want in a friend?
    How can we make new friends?
    Why is it important to be kind to others? 
    • Return all paperwork as soon as possible
    • Remember your healthy snacks everyday :)
    • Please return Media books every Wednesday morning
    • Remember sneakers every Friday for P.E. If you would like, bring in an old pair of sneakers in a labeled plastic bag to leave in the classroom closet. This way, you are always prepared!