• Volunteers 



        Here at Sicomac School we are very lucky to have two groups of dedicated volunteers who, together, help in so many ways to ensure the smooth operation of the Media Center.

       Our first group of volunteers is a large number of hard working parents who sign up at the beginning of the year to work in the Media Center. The schedule is drawn up by the Media Center representative from the PTO, whose name and contact number can be found in the Sicomac directory. Parents helping in the Media Center may be assigned a variety of tasks including shelving books, stamping and covering books, helping students with their book selections, checking books in and out. We always look forward to visits from our parent volunteers.

       Our second group of volunteers comes from the students in the 5th grade. In pairs, or individually, these students sign up at the start of the school year to adopt a small section of the library. It becomes their responsibility to ensure that their shelves are tidy and in order, which they do by working during at least one recess every two weeks. Most students visit more often and take great pride in the condition of their shelves.