November is going by so quickly and the Media Center is a busy place.
         The 5th grade students completed a project detailing a sporting event. This included taking effective notes and avoiding plagarism during the rewrite. The students used their Chromebooks, employing word processing skills such as text wrap. Each class produced a book of their own "Sporting News".
         The upper grades were also working toward expanding their knowlwdge of the geography of the United States using almanacs, quizzes and the National Geographic website in preparation for the school's participation in the National Geography Bee.
         In the 3rd grade the students spent time at the start of the year understanding and using the school catalog, or OPAC. They then began a unit on reference sources including encyclopedias and dictionaries. The Caldecott Award was the focus in 2nd grade and the students discussed which qualities would be looked for in book illustrations in order for them to be considered Caldecott worthy.
         First graders have been focusing on finding their way among the library shelves with lessons that have covered a variety of authors, and subject areas.In Kindergarten the students have been learning about fiction vs. non fiction and how to tell the difference, including using the clues on the spine label of each book.
         The holidays and seasons also added some timely reading to lessons throughout the grade levels.