• Read Aloud Ideas

         Many of you are reading with your child at home. There are a few techniques that will make your reading time even more profitable for your child. At school, when we read a story, we use special techniques to help them understand the story. I’d like to share these story reading ideas with you.

        Before Reading
    book Look at the title and illustrations together.
    book Predict what the story will be about. 
    book Discuss what you both already know about the topic of the story.
    book Read the first page and then ask your child to predict what might happen next.

    During Reading
     book Encourage your child to picture in his or her mind what is happening in the story.
     book Ask what might happen next in the story.
     book Ask how a character might feel.
     book Talk about the illustrations.
    After Reading
     book Have your child retell the story and create a new ending together.
     book Retell the story from another character’s point of view.
     book Let your child illustrate his or her favorite part of the story. 
     bk Talk about the story together.