Board of Education Goals - Wyckoff School District


Board of Education Goals:

·      Research compensation and evaluation models for Directors, Principals and the Superintendent.

·      Successfully negotiate a new contract with the Wyckoff Administrators Association.

·      Adopt and begin implementing the district branding and communications plan.

District Goals

The district will develop a multi-year plan in concert with the three umbrella goals listed below. Each goal will include a measurable and attainable plan based on the needs of the students and teachers. The multi-year plan will be reviewed annually and contain multiple measures to show progress towards achieving the District’s objectives.

Improve Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Cultivate a Connected Learning Community

Build a Caring Community

In 2015-16, in order to improve in the area of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, the District will focus on meeting the needs of diverse learners, promote inter/transdisciplinary instruction and, develop inquiry-based teaching and learning pedagogy.

In 2015-16, in order to Cultivate a Connected Learning Community the district will expand our 1:1 Chromebook initiative, assess our technology integration into the regular curricula, provide technology coaching, perform upgrades to our website, and enhance our social media presence.

In 2015-16, in order to Build a Caring Community, the district will focus on “Habits of Mind”, establish Wellness committees in each school, and enhance our understanding of Cross Cultural Competency.