Special Services Staff

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    School Psychologists
    Wyckoff has three full time school psychologists. The school psychologists are concerned with the student's cognitive, social, and emotional development. They are responsible for conducting psychological evaluations. Additional responsibilities may include consultation with the Intervention and Referral Services (I & RS team), development of behavioral interventions and behavioral plans, case management, counseling services, and consultation with staff and/or parents regarding behavioral, social, or emotional issues.


    Learning Disabilities Teacher -Consultants (LDT-C)

    Wyckoff has three full time LDT-Cs. The LDT-Cs are concerned with the student's academic development. The LDT-C is responsible for conducting educational evaluations. Additional responsibilities of the LDT-C may include consultation with the I & RS team, involvement on the 504 Committee, consultation with teachers regarding specific objectives, educational techniques and materials, case management, and consultation with staff and/or parents regarding a student's academic issues.


    School Counselors/School Social Workers

    Wyckoff has a School Counselor/School Social Worker assigned to each elementary building. At Eisenhower, there are three School Counselor/School Social Workers assigned to each grade level. The Counselor/School Social Worker is concerned with a student's total functioning including social/emotional development, academic achievement, and any other issues that may impact a student's learning. As the School Social Worker, the Counselor/School Social Worker is responsible for conducting social assessments. Additional responsibilities of the Counselor/School Social Worker include serving on the  I & RS team, serving on the 504 Committee, serving as the school's anti-bullying specialist, developing behavioral interventions and behavioral plans, case management, classroom guidance activities, individual and group counseling services, and consulting with staff and/or parents regarding the student's functioning within the school environment.


    Special Education Instructional Coach

    Wyckoff has one special education instructional coach for the district.  The coach provides a differentiated approach to professional development for teachers in order to meet the emerging needs of students. The coach and teachers work together in a collaborative partnership to share and model most effective learning practices for each particular classroom.


    Speech/Language Specialists

    Wyckoff has Speech/Language Specialists assigned to each building. The Speech/Language Specialist is concerned with the student's language functioning and communication skills. The Speech/Language Specialist is responsible for conducting speech and language evaluations. Additional responsibilities of the Speech/Language Specialist may include direct delivery of related services (speech/language), consultation to I & RS team, case management, and consultation with staff and/or parents regarding the student's language functioning and communication skills.

    Speech and Language Services


    Wyckoff has a full time Behaviorist who assists the Child Study Team, classroom teachers and individual students.  The behaviorist observes to find the causes for desired and undesired behaviors and designs strategies to alter socially significant behaviors, teaches new behaviors and consistently evaluates the effectiveness of the behavioral interventions.  Additional responsibilities include conducting functional behavioral analysis, generating related behavioral plans, and ensuring the effective implementation of all in-home treatment and programming.  The behaviorist also provides guidance and support to paraprofessionals implementing ABA programs.

    Physical Therapist
    Wyckoff has one physical therapist that provides assessments and consultation with permission from the guardian upon request of the Child Study Team.  Individual and group physical therapy is provided when it has been determined that a student's gross motor issues adversely effect their function in the educational environment.  The physical therapist collaborates with teachers and other members of the CST and educational community to develop modifications, as needed, for physical education and recreational activities, facilitate the acquisition of age appropriate motor skills, and promote safe and independent mobility in the educational setting. 
    Occupational Therapist
    Wyckoff currently has one full time and one part time occupational therapist on staff.  Occupational therapy is concerned about a student’s fine motor, visual perception and/or sensory skills that may adversely impact their classroom performance.  The occupational therapists provide student assessment, intervention and consultation in coordination with the Child Study Team.  Sessions can be completed on an individual or group basis in either the therapy room or in-class, based on needs.  The occupational therapists are also available to consult with teachers, parents and other district staff to ensure carryover of skills into the students’ daily academic routine.  
Name Position Location Phone e-mail website
Dobson Sue Guidance/SW Eisenhower (Grade 7) (201) 848-5750 x5221 sdobson@wyckoffschools.org
Drucker Lauren School Psychologist District (201) 848-5690 x3314 ldrucker@wyckoffschools.org
Erlanger Hadassa Psychologist Eisenhower (201) 848-5750 x5216 herlanger@wyckoffschools.org
Flato Donna LDT-C District (201) 848-5690 x3313 dflato@wyckoffschools.org
Hirsch Gayle LDT-C District (201) 848-5690 x3317 ghirsch@wyckoffschools.org
Lancellotti Beth Psychologist District (201) 848-5690 x3316 blancellotti@wyckoffschools.org
Mapes Anne Guidance/SW Coolidge (201) 848-5710 x1206 amapes@wyckoffschools.org
McLean Sheila Guidance/SW Eisenhower (Grade 6) (201) 848-5750 x5222 smclean@wyckoffschools.org
Noblin Pam Guidance/SW Sicomac (201) 848-5730 x3205 pnoblin@wyckoffschools.org
Rizzo Jaimee Behaviorist District (201) 848-5690 x3315 jrizzo@wyckoffschools.org
Rubenacker Paula Guidance/SW Washington (201) 848-5740 x4205 prubenacker@wyckoffschools.org
Ward Erica Guidance/ SW Eisenhower(Grade 8) (201) 848-5750 x5220 eward@wyckoffschools.org
Wiebe Lynn Guidance/SW Lincoln (201) 848-5720 x207 lwiebe@wyckoffschools.org
Wilks-Ramundo Kellie LDT-C Eisenhower (201) 848-5750 x5223 kwilks-ramundo@wyckoffschools.org