Department of Buildings and Grounds

  • Board Office Location

    241 Morse Avenue,
    Wyckoff, NJ 07481

    (201) 848-5700, ext. 6209
    (201) 848-5695 fax
    Maintenance Shop Location
    279 Crescent Avenue,
    Wyckoff, NJ 07481
    (201) 848-5680
    (201) 848-9306 fax

    The Wyckoff Township School District Buildings, Grounds and Transportation Department plays an integral part in maintaining the interior and exterior portions of all District facilities - our 5 schools, the Board of Education office, the Maintenance Shop and the Economy Shop - and provides transportation for some of our students.  Click here for the Transportation page.

    The Buildings, Grounds and Transportation Department consists of supervisory, maintenance, secretarial, and seasonal staff. The district's 279,290 square feet of floor space, as well as all of the grass and field space,  pavement, and sidewalks and walkways fall under the jurisdiction of this department. The department's work includes preventative maintenance, regular cleaning and maintenance, and emergencies, such as snow plowing and shoveling.

    The Department is proud of its efforts to support the District's pursuit of quality education by keeping the physical facilities, and vehicles safe, clean, and well-maintained.