Registration and Residency Requirements

    In order to register your child(ren) in the Wyckoff Public Schools, please provide the following:

                - Student Information* – Click here for online access:  https://parents.wyckoffps.org/genesis/openReg

                - Student’s original Birth Certificate

                - Copy of Student’s Immunization Record

                - Development History Form

                - Health History Form

                - Home Language Form

                - Residency– See appropriate forms below:

    *This information is submitted over a secure server and is only used by the Wyckoff Public Schools to maintain student information.


    Receipt of Policy Document

     Policy 5111 Eligibility of Resident/NonResident Students

    A.     Standard Residency - student  lives with parent/guardian whose permanent home is located in Wyckoff.

    1. Completed Form A (Standard Residency) Form A - Standard Residency  

    2. A deed, lease*, affidavit of title, or current mortgage statement

    3. Current utility bill

    4. (2) Pieces of current legal mail in your name per Proof of Residency list Proof of Residency list

    B.    Affidavit Student - student lives with someone other than parent/guardian who resides in Wyckoff.

    1. Completed Form B1 (Affidavit Student) Form B1 - Affidavit Student

    2. Completed Form B2 (Sworn Statement - Parent) Form B2 - Sworn Statement - Parent

    3. Completed Form B3 (Sworn Statement - Resident) Form B3 - Sworn Statement - Resident

    4. Documentation that supports Form B2  

    5. A deed, lease* affidavit of title, or current mortgage statement of resident; provided annually

    6. Current, dated utility bill in resident's name.  If bill is not in  resident's name, please provide (2) pieces of legal mail in accordance with attached Proof of Residency List.

     C.    Temporary Residency - student lives with parent/guardian temporarily residing in district

    1. Completed Form C1 (Temporary Residency) Form C1 - Temporary Residency

    2. Completed Form C2 (Sworn Statement - Parent) Form C2 - Sworn Statement - Parent

    3. Completed Form C3 (Sworn Statement - Resident) Form C3 - Temporary Residency Sworn Statement - Resident

    4. The resident's current deed, lease*,  affidavit of title, or current mortgage statement

    5. (4) Proofs that demonstrate that you are residing at the address given on the Student Registration Form.

    D.    Special Circumstances

    1. Completed Form D (Special Circumstances)   Form D - Special Circumstances

    *If a lease is used for proof of residency, a canceled check showing rental payment for a current period and a lease  termination date clearly indicated on the agreement must be included.

    During the registration process, an initial determination of eligibility for enrollment will be conducted in accordance with NJAC 6A:28-2.6 et seq.  The initial determination of eligibility will be made upon presentation of your  application, and enrollment will take place in all cases except those of clear, uncontested denials.  Where an applicant has provided incomplete, unclear or questionable information, enrollment will take place immediately, but the applicant will be placed on written notice that removal will result if defects in the application are not corrected or an appeal is not filed.