• Wyckoff Public Schools

    New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum

    In accordance with New Jersey Administrative Code, Statute Title 6A:30-3.2, District Performance Review, section (f)1, listed below are the required District Performance Reviews (DPRs) and Statements of Assurance (SOAs) prepared by the District Committee and reviewed by the Superintendent.

    Approval of these documents will take place, subject to a public hearing, at the Wyckoff Board of Education meeting on January 16, 2012.

    Questions from the public regarding DPR and/or SOA statements may be submitted by email, mailto:   boe@wyckoffschools.org, or in person at the board meeting.

    District Performance Reviews (DPRs)

    Instruction and Program DPR  *

    *DPRs for Instruction and Program are incomplete (Sections 1-6) and do not reflect information that will be supplied by the Department of Education. 

    Statements of Assurance (SOAs)