Guidance for Parents on the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act 

Contact Information
Jessica Viola
District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Assistant Business Administrator
241 Morse Avenue
(201) 848-5700, ext. 6205
Anti-Bullying Specialists
Suzanne Dobson, Sheila McLean & Erica Ward
Anti-Bullying Specialists
Eisenhower Middle School
344 Calvin Court
(201) 848-5750
Anne Mapes
Anti-Bullying Specialist
Calvin Coolidge School
420 Grandview Avenue
(201) 848-5710 x1206
Lynn Wiebe
Anti-Bullying Specialist
Abraham Lincoln School
325 Mason Avenue
(201) 848-5720 x2207
Pamela Noblin
Anti-Bullying Specialist
Sicomac School
356 Sicomac Avenue
(201) 848-5730 x3205
Paula Rubenacker
Anti-Bullying Specialist
George Washington School
270 Woodland Avenue
 (201) 848-5740 x4205