For the following positions:

Please mail or fax (please no electronic copies) a letter of interest, copy of certification
and current resume to, unless otherwise noted:

Richard D. Kuder
Superintendent of Schools
Wyckoff Board of Education
241 Morse Avenue
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Fax: (201) 848-5695



Anticipated Openings for 2013-2014 School Year

Substitute Information

Substitute School Nurses

  • Proper certification required
  • $130.00per day
  • Please see below for application procedures.

Substitute Teachers

The Wyckoff School District values the role of the substitute as an important one in our district. Our rates are competitive within our area as we constantly seek qualified individuals to help us fulfill our teacher/support staff assignments.

To become a substitute in our school district, you should possess the following:

  • A valid NJ Teaching Certificate OR

  • A valid County Substitute Certificate (required ONLY for substitute teacher/nurse)

  • For more certification information, please go t www.state.nj.us/education

If you do not possess any type if certification, you will need t

  • Pick up an application in person at the Board Office at 241 Morse Avenue.

  • Call 201-848-5700 x 6202 to arrange a time to process the application. 

  • Required Substitute Training Sessions and Paperwork Processing are scheduled by the board office after the initial application process.

After your interview is completed and the application form is filled out, you will need to do the following:

  • Submit original transcripts, indicating a minimum of sixty (60) college credits

  • Complete the County Substitute Application

  • Provide a certified check or money order in the amount of $125 payable to “The Commissioner of Education”

  • Complete the “MORPHOTRAK” form and make an appointment with them to have your fingerprints processed. You will be required to pay $70.25 and provide a valid photo ID at the time of fingerprinting. For more fingerprint information, please go to www.bioapplicant.com/nj.

  • You will receive in the mail a letter of approval (letter with a blue seal imprinted) indicating your “clearance.” You will need to provide the board office with a copy of this letter. Retain the original for your records.

  • If you have been fingerprinted in another district (anytime after February 2003) and have worked continually there since the time your fingerprints were processed, please inform us so that we may send a letter to the district asking for verification of continuous employment.

  • If you have been fingerprinted in another district and there has been a break in service with that district, you can archive fingerprints at www.njgov/education/educators/crimhist.

  • In addition to the above, Substitute Nurses need to provide a copy of their current nursing license.

All prospective substitutes (teachers/nurses/support staff) will be required to complete the following:

  • Cover Letter

  • Resume

  • Official College Transcripts (undergraduate/graduate)

  • County Substitute Application (if applicable) or Teaching Certificate

  • Criminal Background History Review

  • Mantoux Immunization (negative results)

  • Copy of RN License (nurse candidates only)

The following forms will be given after the Substitute Training Session:

  • Oath of Allegiance

  • I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification)

  • W-4

Last Modified on December 16, 2013